Villa Ciacci
Villa Ciacci, Bari 2012
Designing an expansion of a historic villa, reinterpreting ancient materials with modern processing techniques, reinterpreting spaces, assigning new functions in the RESPECT of the client’s requirements respecting the historical characters, lead to a project that makes the silence his main asset.

Everything is clear, obvious!

It is a synergy, a fusion of different materials: the properties of glass, its lightness and transparency are transferred to marble, which changes in its essence.

Translucent walls on which pieces, scraps and residues of pre-cut slabs of marble, inlaid in modular frames, are reclined in an irregular and three-dimensional way and form the perimeter of the large room.

The marble acquires an unusual relationship with the space that surrounds it, integrating with amorphous materials such as glass or ancient as the stones of the walls of the villa.