17-20 Ottobre, Cisternino (BR)
“Vivere nell’architettura tradizionale”.
In the Municipal Library, Hidenobu Jinnai, professor of the Hosei Univeristy of Tokyo and winner of the Argan Award 2019 presents his research on Cisternino and the volume «Il tempo della pietra. The restoration of the trulli between conservation and prevention “(Mario Adda Editore) with the architects Aldo Flore and Rosanna Venezia, Studio Architetti Flore & Venezia, curators of the publication. The journalist Milena Fumarola moderates. Many Japanese guests amoung the audience.

I traveled in many countries in Italy, but when I arrived in Cisternino I found something I had never seen and that could not be compared to anything else: external stairs, terraces, arches, uses of structures and spaces and ways of life using these spaces, in a vernacular architecture, lived by the people”. (Hidenobu Jinnai)

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