OSTUNI, 2019

The work space must follow the new lifestyles and work styles. At the base of the distribution of this study there is a hybrid form, a bit of a home study. A changing space where it is possible to choose the physical place to work, shared with others and in solitude, in the absolute freedom to choose space, the right light in a proxemics that adapts to specific situations.
Spaces defined, but at the same time permeable, the windows towards the outside and between the rooms guarantee a transparency that favors natural lighting and privacy at the same time. Transparency thus becomes synonymous with clarity of processes and free circulation of ideas. Enthusiasm will therefore be the engine of work with obvious results on productivity which then becomes customer satisfaction.
The well-being of the worker is in the first place. Always new stimuli can help to improve the quality of life and to enjoy a substantial increase in productivity. It is essential to promote the right balance between natural and artificial light, choose ecological materials, have proper ventilation and acoustically insulate spaces.
The studio becomes an extension of the house, so the spaces of the kitchen furnished with elements that give warmth and materiality, the outdoor terrace with the sofas allows for pauses in the open air between the plants.
The material finishes give a tactile sense of the environment that instills serenity.
The private office leaves room for the shared office, it becomes a co-working space for relations and a generator of meeting opportunities, often of a cross-cutting nature, that favor the exchange of ideas.