Ostuni 2018

Casa AV is located in Ostuni in open countryside between century-old olive trees. The lot of land is on the hill’s top from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view. The approximately 250 metres house has a wide living, a kitchen and four bedrooms with bathrooms. Actually, the peculiarity of the house is given by his integration in the lot of land. A narrow design composition, never banal, intersects the directions given to the house, to the pool and the various paths that connect the various areas. Being a home for the summer holidays, the house has large outdoor areas to be with friends. A large dining area characterized by a resin table made by local artisans is set among centuries-old olive trees to which a fabric sail hangs which increases the amount of shade. The infinity pool overlooks a breathtaking view and along the edges there are various shaded areas where the sunbeds are placed. Around the pool was used a pavement in Apulian stone, able to be non-slip, compact and with a chromatic effect that changes during all hours of the day. Olive wood was used for the interior furnishings, kitchen and bathroom furniture, which with its veins refers to a millenary tradition typical of Puglia. The materials used for the house are all natural, lime-based resins for indoor floors and for kitchen and bathroom coverings, stone for outdoor floors. The window frames with two large sliding glass doors that open towards the landscape are made of iron with a very thin minimalist profile.

Project published on Archello