Bari 2016, Work in progress

The theme of the cellar is an interesting opportunity for international comparison.
In addition to the resolution of technical issues, the theme must be declined, in our opinion with particular attention to the territory in which it is designed. The Centovignali winery is located along a road of great Apulian communication, between Bari and Taranto.
Precisely being parallel to the high-speed road and the size of the lot, gave the idea to the project that has within it a network of compositional components linked to the volumes, to the strong link with the large-scale Apulian architecture present in the territory , farms in the first place.
The winery looks like a unitary block towards the road and then opens up towards the rows of grapes that become part of the project system. A courtyard allows light to filter in a zenith way inside the underground spaces dedicated to the aging of wine in barrels and at the same time it assumes the role of an outdoor space where you can sip a glass of excellent wine.