CASA AR, Matera 2014

Casa AR is located in Matera, on one of the highest hills of the city of stones, capital of European culture 2019.
The house is a villa located in a garden characterized by Mediterranean plants, laurel, rosemary, thyme, myrtle with a series of fruit trees. The house has a compact and very linear shape. The white of the facades is interrupted by the rhythm of the openings that define a rigorous compositional geometry. The house has a large living area, flooded with light and three bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The open kitchen allows the hosts to interact with the many friends with whom they share lunches and dinners. The compositional hinge between the kitchen and the living area is characterized by the presence of a natural oak table by the Poliform company with De Padova chairs. The dining area is in continuity with the exterior of the house thanks to a large sliding glass door that gives a great light inside. A fireplace with a short iron base aligns with the entrance door and is central between the dining area and the living area. A large living area is characterized by the fusion of fabric sofas, ethnic and design armchairs. On the walls there are works of contemporary art by emerging Italian artists true passion of the owners. The materials used for the house are all natural, stone for both internal and external floors as well as for bathroom coverings, wood for fixtures and plaster and lime-based paints.