La casa della Musica
Casa della Musica, Ostuni 2012

This project commissioned by the city of Ostuni, provides for the re-use and design of a part of the Capuchin monastery, which over the centuries has hosted the prison , the fire-barracks, until it is reduced to a mere deposit. The project involves the reorganization of the urban fabric and settled now, in spite of its urban location, marginal.

Casa della Musica (The house of music), therefore, is open to the city, no longer in prison , barracks , which are characterized by high walls that made impenetrable space, but the scope and fifth in a small square, agora, a place of exchange for the youth culture. The project aims to recover and redefine existing spaces , ritmando priorities, without striking gestures , attitudes, but not discharged.

The multi-purpose space for exhibitions and concerts are open to the square and keeps scanning the floor, the open space with a large window that sees and interacts with the ferment of exposures. In the library a long narrow covered by a barrel vault is reopened arched openings over the years, depending on the uses , were swabbed , amended.

Once again we find the uneven pace of architecture not designed , self- built architecture of the margin, that for this to be taken into full consideration.

Winner in 2014 of the Prize In / Arch-Ance for the best work of architecture in Puglia in the category “Intervention of building and urban renovation”; the news is published on the portal