Il Tempo della Pietra, the restoration of the trulli between conservation and prevention
«There is a vast literature devoted to the Apulian territory, indigenous authors and not, came across the story of this land by the undeniable charm. There is also a vast literature concerning the issues of bio-architecture, holistic medicine, sociology of living, of living in harmony. What has prompted us to write is the desire to motivate and deepen the close relationship that in recent years there seems to be between living the Apulian territory, in particular the Valle d’Itria and the welfare of living.»

The study aims to add the correct application of the methods, combined with the appropriate emotional elements, so that the restoration of the Masseria gives rise to new life, colours, and nature, whilst maintaining the memories of the old. The restoration of the complex of trulli are inspired by healthy living and contact with nature, without sacrificing the charm of the story transmitted by each single piece of stone. The design of the house aims to resonate in the past, but with an eye to the future.

Bringing together years of experience in the field of restoration and landscapes, a deep knowledge of the bureaucratic and administrative procedures common to many businesses, together with selection of the appropriate series of references available, qualifies the design.
We are an important reference point for anyone wishing to evaluate the purchase of trulli or a Masseria, to begin the renovation of a house in the historic centre of Ostuni and Matera, garden and landscape restyling. We routinely carry out surveys and produce estimates for sales.

The study team which includes architects, engineers and surveyors, is capable to solve problems of any kind.