28 – 29 April 2018, Palazzo Tanzarella – Ostuni

The works of the artist Caio Gracco lived for two days in the building of the historic Palazzo Tanzarella in Ostuni which will soon become Paragon 700, a project of the ID Living.
The building site was extraordinarily open to the community, revealing an unusual museum to explore and experience, among Gracco’s canvases and photographs, among the traces of historical architecture and the structure of the active building site.
Over 3000 visitors visited the exhibition and explored the construction site. The exhibition represented the second phase of the Cantieri Mentali project which saw architects Aldo Flore & amp; Rosanna Venezia work with the artist on three site-specific interventions in their yards to investigate together the sense of places and the semantic strength of architectural spaces. The works of Gracco have thus created a bridge between past and future, suspending space in an indeterminate time and therefore potentially eternal.

Works by Caio Gracco
Project by Flore & Venezia Architects and Alexandra Gracco Kopp

The exhibition was built thanks to the collaboration of all the workers and all the great professionals who work at the Paragon 700 construction site and the partners interested in promoting art and culture in Puglia.