The Studio Flore and Venezia is working with the artist Caio Gracco. Roland Barthes argued that “those who fail to reread are condemned to read always the same story”, so the places in time acquire new identities generated by the passage of the people who have lived, the intervention of nature, the desire of the customer, the culture that has crossed them. Architects Aldo Flore and Rosanna Venezia are working on sense of place since ever, putting in dialogue methodology with the emotional element, convinced that the restoration and recovery of an architectural structure must confront the sensitive layers of the place or artefact.

From their earliest projects they have been working on this line of research, for example with the Trulli of Umberto Veronesi, or re-reading the ancient farms of Puglia as “Le Taverne” Ostuni, until the last more intervention, the amazing recovery of “Trulli Canonica”, a village of 43 cones that soon will live in a tourist complex of great charm and elegance with absolute respect for its history and its morphology.

Continuing the study on the sense of place, Flore and Venezia have also questioned the significance of the yard, intended as a creative moment that comes into physical contact with the site and its memory.
If the yard is the project, the change, the transformation, according to these architects it also represents a profound reflection on the semantic force of architectural spaces.

Thus it was born CANTIERI MENTALI, a contemporary art project that activates uninhabited places and to be restored, recovering their memory and atmosphere.
Aware that the vertigo of projects can be turned on an image or an emotion, Flore and Venezia have asked the artist Caius Gracchus to work on the reinterpretation of some of their yards in order to restore the atmosphere and sensitivity.

Caio Gracco, who a few months ago started his own studio Puglia, always favors large canvases, the color that makes content and not more than half formal, light and transparency that define the sign. Parallel to his intense pictorial research, Gracco is also interested in the photographic image reactive power on in projects that provide a public dimension or performative.

CANTIERI MENTALI therefore introduces a seemingly alienating element as a work of contemporary art in an uninhabited place. An operation halfway between design and construction, able to create a strong short circuit and thus trigger a new energy.

CANTIERI MENTALI will present a triptych of site-specific interventions in which the works of Gracco will be included in special places, historic houses, uninhabited and in the process of being restored by the studio Flore and Venezia. It is a project in which contemporary architecture and art in dialogue to bring to light very beautiful spaces.

The project sees the collaboration between architects Flore and Venezia and the artist Caio Gracco for a particular set of shooting that will be at this stage only shared on the web. From dusty historic places to the web space.

CANTIERI MENTALI is on line on: